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How Do I Get Stains Out Of Linens

Have Stained Garments and Bedding? Learn How To Get a Stain Out of Linen Linen clothing, bedding, and tablecloths offer many benefits, which is why the fabric is so popular. It’s breathable, durable, and odor-resistant. However, you might have stains on precious linen items from spills, smudges, and other accidents. In the guide below, you’ll

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How To Keep Black Clothing From Fading

Keep your clothes looking as good as possible. Your wardrobe is one of the many ways you express yourself and put your best foot forward, so of course you want your clothes to look as good as possible! When washing black clothing, you need to follow certain steps to keep your darks dark so your

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What Causes Yellow Stains on White Clothes?

Do you have awful yellow stains on your white clothes? Have you ever reached for that crisp, white blouse you carefully store in the back of your closet, only to discover those awful yellow stains? Despite extreme caution when handling such pieces, you still get the same results: ugly splotches that detract from the blouse’s

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Benefits of Dry Cleaning Blankets

The Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Blankets Everyone has those blankets and comforters they absolutely love. However, not everyone feels confident enough to decide how often to dry clean bedding or whether to do so at all.  This post explores why and how often to use a bedding cleaning service like Elite Cleaners if you

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Is Bleach Necessary for Laundry?

Is Bleach Necessary for Laundry? Adding a bit of bleach is a fantastic way to remove stains from heavily soiled laundry. However, bleach is extremely powerful and can cause more harm than good in large amounts, causing many Wichita residents to wonder, “Is bleach necessary for laundry?” That’s why Elite Cleaners created a brief guide

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3 Leather Damage Types You Should Know 

3 Leather Damage Types You Should Know  Leather is a highly desirable material incorporated into textiles, bags, and furniture, to name a few. The versatile and elegant material allows for decades of use as long as you provide it with optimal care. But did you know that there are several leather damage types you need

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Wedding Dress Care

Wedding Dress Care Before, During, and After the Big Day Every bride wants a flawless wedding dress that helps them look their best on their wedding day. However, keeping wedding dresses in immaculate condition isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Elite Cleaners put together a brief guide to teach Wichita residents everything they need to know about

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How to Handle Soiled Linens

How to Handle Soiled Linens Most of the time, doing laundry is a straightforward affair. However, some soiled linens and dirty clothing need special handling to get them as clean as possible. So today, the team at Elite Cleaners is here to talk about how to handle soiled linen on your own. Did you know

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