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What Causes Yellow Stains on White Clothes?

Do you have awful yellow stains on your white clothes?

Have you ever reached for that crisp, white blouse you carefully store in the back of your closet, only to discover those awful yellow stains? Despite extreme caution when handling such pieces, you still get the same results: ugly splotches that detract from the blouse’s fresh appearance. 

What causes yellow stains on white clothes? Our team at Elite Cleaners elaborates below. 

What Causes Yellow Stains on White Clothes?

White clothes develop unseemly yellow patches for various reasons. Sometimes, your sweat and skin oils react to the clothes and cause sweat stains. Other times, a stained area forms because of improper washing techniques. Take an in-depth look below. 


Have you ever spilled coffee on a shirt? Leaving the splash for a few hours may not detract from the look of your colored clothing, but it becomes more noticeable on white fabrics. When a spill goes untreated, it oxidizes and leaves a yellow stain.  

Improper Amounts of Detergent

How much detergent do you use when you wash the clothes? Adding too little to a load may not remove yellow stains from a white shirt. Oils, debris, and spilled liquids may stay on the fibers in trace amounts, oxidizing further with time. 

Inadequate Rinsing

Do you dial back the load setting to save on water? If so, you might inadvertently contribute to yellow stains on white clothes. Your washing machine needs plenty of water to submerge, soak, and lift stain particles from fibers. 


The chemical composition of your body sweat significantly contributes to yellow sweat stains around a shirt’s armpits and neckline. It can even cause stains on white pants!

Human sweat contains urea, which reacts to ingredients present in some antiperspirant and deodorizing products. This reaction produces yellow stains.

Protecting Your Brilliant White Fabrics

What can you do to avoid these imperfections and maintain blindingly white clothes? Try the following methods to see if they produce results. You could make that white blouse and other light-colored wardrobe staples retain their dazzle for much longer. 

Try Different Antiperspirant Products

Explore deodorants that leave aluminum out of their formula. You can experiment with natural products to ensure they make you smell nice while preventing unwanted chemical reactions. You can easily wash sweat out of your clothes without the aluminum attached. 

Approach Wash Cycles With Care

Double-check your detergent’s instructions to determine whether you use enough per load. Skimping on the soap might prevent full coverage. You should also avoid overloading your washing machine and use settings that allow enough water to flow into the wash base. 

Use a Dry Cleaning Service

Purchase services from a professional dry cleaner. This tried-and-true method will get rid of yellow stains for good. Choose a reliable establishment in your area for expert service. 

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