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Textile Restoration

Textile Restoration In Wichita, KS

When life throws you for a loop, we can restore those items most important to you.

When you’re faced with a disaster or tragedy, it can be difficult to know where to turn for textile and fabric restoration services. From the smallest pillows to the thickest drapes, we’ll treat all of your belongings with the care they deserve.

  • Service Available 24/7/365
  • Same-Day Emergency Response
  • Professional Damage Assessment
  • Prompt, Detailed Documentation
  • Next Day Emergency Order
  • Itemized Inventory
  • Window Covering Take Down and Re-hang
  • Delivery Included

Elite Cleaners will provide you with an emergency order and include necessary items to sustain you while your contents and home are being restored.  Emergency orders will usually be completed and returned to you the next day.

How Does Textile Restoration Work?

Step One

Call us (316) 651-5997 – 24/7/365. We include Same Day Emergency Response.

Step Two

We will complete a professional assessment and we will assign you are Personal Professional Job Coordinator.  Your coordinator will be available throughout your restoration process.

Step Three

We will pick-up, document and create a detailed list of your belongs.  Next, we begin your restoration process and your items will be securely stored in our warehouse until your home or business is completed. 

Step Four

When you are ready, we will deliver all your belongings.

Fabric Restoration Specialist

As Fabric Restoration Specialists, our facilities are equipped to safely and effectively handle all types of clothing and textile affected by fire, smoke, water and other types of damage.

Right after the disaster, your first thoughts often turn to insurance, calling utility companies, handling finances, finding a place to stay.  Having a safe place for your family to stay is a relief, but it’s still only a matter of time before a new reality sinks in with the realization that many of your household items and textiles being in ruin. There may be water or soot everywhere. Perhaps mold has started to put down roots in the time you’ve been unable to return.

Although restoration services for homes and carpets are common, many people find themselves lost when it comes to other personal belongings like drapes, clothing, and other textiles.

Elite Cleaners will store your clothing at our facility until you and your home are ready for us to deliver.  In the meantime, consider our warehouse your closet. You are welcome to schedule a time to view and pickup any additional items you need.

During the restoration process, we help you with:

These items don’t have to become a lost cause: Elite Cleaners can safely and reliably handle your textile and fabric restoration, saving those items that have financial or sentimental value to you and your family.

What is Textile Restoration?

Textile Restoration is the cleaning, and restoration of household items that were damaged by water, fire, and mold.

The devastating effects of flooding and fire can have lasting effects on your belongings, especially fabrics. Our restoration services are here to help. 

We also work on fabrics that are simply giving in to the test of time, helping take years off of their appearance and helping your family to continue enjoying their presence. We handle sentimental and practical items daily; we understand the importance of your memories and saving as much of your property as possible.

Our service experts will work closely with you to identify items in need of dry clean restoration or fire & water restoration. We’ll look over every item carefully to determine how much damage you have and assess our ability to restore it. Our team will discuss everything upfront; you’ve dealt with enough nasty surprises without needing to worry about hidden fees or small print.

Items that we have been able to breathe new life into include:

What Types of Damage Can We Repair?

From yellowing whites to fraying seams, soot to water, we’ve seen all kinds of textile damage.

Our full services include restoring fabrics damaged from the following:

If you have experienced a disaster or are simply looking to salvage a treasured heirloom, bring your textiles to Elite Cleaners for exceptional service. Uncertain what caused the damage but want to know if we can help? Call our office today or send us an email at [email protected] to discuss the damage.


The Elite Cleaners Promise

At Elite Cleaners, we promise to provide a high level of professional expertise, customer service, and consistent quality cleaning– you can trust us to deliver outstanding service and quality.

 We always strive to provide the utmost care and compassion when handling your damaged contents.  We prefer that you are aware of the conditions of your contents as well as the risks inherent in restoring them.  In these instances, our documentation enables us to better communicate this information to all parties involved with your damage.

  • No charge for Non-restorable items
  • Detailed List for Non-restorable items
  • Prompt Estimates and Billing
  • Continuous Communication
  • Dedicated Job Coordinator

 We assign a highly trained, professional Job Coordinator at the beginning of your order to provide you with a single point of contact to help you with all your needs.  Your dedicated Job Coordinator will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.

We are proud to be a member of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI). The dry cleaning & Laundry Institute has been the premier international trade association for garment care professionals since 1883.

Our restoration professionals are trained in all the latest techniques and processes for reviving damaged textiles. We only accept the best, because our customers deserve the best. 

When disaster strikes, we understand the toll it can take on you and your family. Let us help ease the burden by taking care of your textile restoration needs– from your child’s favorite teddy bear to that quilt handmade by your great aunt.

We can help you with dry cleaning, wash & fold laundry and alterations too.

We offer more services than textile restoration. We also have teams trained in alterations, dry-cleaning, household textile cleaning, and professional laundering

For all your fabric cleaning needs, Elite Cleaners offers high-quality service at the hands of professionals.

After all, we’re neighbors. We live and work in Wichita, and we thrive on the success of our city. Let us help you with all your textile concerns, so you can get back to the things you enjoy in life.

Whether you need help saving your belongings after a disaster or you have questions about our other services, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 316-651-5997. Our friendly office staff can answer any inquiries or get you set up for restoration services.

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