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Our Response to COVID-19

We hope you well and in good spirits despite the situation facing us all right now.  In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we wanted to update our customers on our action plans. Most importantly, we believe that the overall health and safety of our employees and customers is the number one priority. Nothing else matters more than doing our part to minimize the impact of COVID-19.

We are closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and instituting action according to the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and federal, state, local agencies and other health organizations.

We are staying open during our usual business hours. The demand and need for germ-free/safe environments has never been more important. We want you to know that we are armed and ready to do our part and we want to share with you the actions we are taking to help protect our employees and customers.

How cleaning your clothes helps prevent COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria from spreading.

Dry cleaning is another safe and cautious way to prevent any unwanted sickness left on garments. Our state of the art equipment reaches temperatures above the recommended 158° to eliminate and kill viruses and bacteria off clothes, comforters, and other fabric you may use. The most a household machine will reach is 135° and that just won’t do the job. We also use a product called Sanix that helps sanitize textiles and gets rid of any bacteria. We know how tough and uncertain these times are and would love to help you and your family during this time with our dry cleaning, wash and fold service using these products. That’s why we are offering a $10.00 comforter sanitize service.

What we are doing in our stores to keep our customers and employees safe:

  • We offer free curbside delivery and pick-up at both of our locations (Wichita Metro Area).
  • If you want to avoid touching the credit card terminals you can call ahead of time and put a credit card on file.
  • Cleaning commonly used areas more often including cashier station‘s credit card terminals.
  • Adding extra hand sanitizer at cashier stations.
  • Encouraging our employees to closely monitor their health and well-being.
  • Asking our employees to stay home if they or someone in their household are sick.
  • We are in constant communication with our vendors, chemical suppliers, and other supply chain resources, in order to understand and manage the situation as it unfolds.
  • We will continue to update you on developments and help you avoid disappointing consumer experiences.

We appreciate the trust that you place in us and we will continue to take additional actions necessary to help keep our employees and customers safe. All of us at Elite Cleaners wish you and your family wellness through these uncertain times. Thank you in advance for doing your part.

Be Safe!

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