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Wedding Dress Care

Wedding Dress Care Before, During, and After the Big Day

Every bride wants a flawless wedding dress that helps them look their best on their wedding day. However, keeping wedding dresses in immaculate condition isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Elite Cleaners put together a brief guide to teach Wichita residents everything they need to know about wedding dress care and preservation so they can pass their gowns down to future generations.

Elite Cleaners is Wichita, KS’s most trusted wedding dress cleaning and preservation service. Our wedding gown specialists will clean and preserve your pristine white wedding dress using the best acid-free cleaning products that ensure top-quality results. If you want your wedding dress professionally cleaned so you can cherish it for decades to come, contact Elite Cleaners.

Professional Wedding Dress Preservation: A Short Guide

Wedding gowns consist of delicate fabrics that are exceptionally prone to damage and imperfections. That’s why it’s essential to understand proper wedding gown preservation to ensure your bridal gown remains beautiful and blemish-free for generations. Below are some wedding dress preservation tips that will help you keep your dress in excellent condition for decades.

How To Preserve Your Dress Before the Wedding

Once your wedding dress arrives at the bridal store and is ready for transport, hang the dress in a dark place away from direct sunlight once you return home. Sunlight can cause the delicate fabric to fade over time, significantly reducing its visual appeal. Place the dress on a padded hanger and store it in a dark closet until your big day.

How To Preserve Your Dress During the Wedding

Proper wedding dress care is more important than ever on your wedding day since that’s when it’s the most susceptible to damage. Only wear your dress once you finish your makeup and hair to prevent stains from blemishing the fabric. It’s best to keep the dress hanging until it’s time to walk down the aisle.

However, if a stain forms on your wedding dress, use an acid-free tissue to eliminate the stain and restore its gorgeous appearance. It’s a good idea to bring a stain removal kit to your wedding just in case an accident occurs.

How To Preserve Your Wedding Gown After the Wedding

A well-preserved wedding gown will maintain its appearance for decades if you take the proper measures. After your wedding, avoid wrapping the dress in plastic bags to prevent it from staining later on. Instead, place it in a preservation box and store it in a dry area to ensure it keeps its breathtaking beauty.

Contact Elite Cleaners for Exceptional Wedding Dress Cleaning in Wichita, KS

If you want to keep your wedding dress looking its best so you can pass it down to your daughter, contact Elite Cleaners for exceptional professional wedding dress preservation in Wichita, KS. Our team will teach you proper wedding dress care methods so you can maintain its beauty for decades to come.

Give Elite Cleaners a call at (316) 651-5997 or (316) 683-3331 and see what our team can do for you today!

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