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Benefits of Dry Cleaning Blankets

The Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Blankets

Everyone has those blankets and comforters they absolutely love. However, not everyone feels confident enough to decide how often to dry clean bedding or whether to do so at all. 

This post explores why and how often to use a bedding cleaning service like Elite Cleaners if you want to harness the benefits of dry cleaning blankets, comforters, and more.

Why Start Dry Cleaning Your Comforters and Blankets?

If you’re hesitant to dry clean bedding, you’re not alone. However, whether it’s concerns about dry cleaning chemicals or time constraints, putting your blankets or comforters in the washing machine means potentially missing out on the following benefits:

Get an Effective Deep Clean

Blankets and comforters are often a lot dirtier than you expect, with dust mites, skin cells, dirt, and grime trapped in the fibers and multiplying all the time. Many people just toss bedding into their washing machines, but besides being more thorough and promising a damage-free cleaning process, dry cleaning addresses the deep-set dirt and germs that normal washing can’t reach.

With a washing machine, it could also take several washes to remove stains, while trapped moisture damages the bedding’s fibers. Dry cleaning comforters and blankets works the first time, removing surface dirt and also removing stains. If you want a good night’s sleep, a dry clean is the only way to get your blankets and comforters spic and span.

Prevent Shrinking

Tumble-dried blankets shrink. They also sustain damage from twisted fabric, tears, and holes. Since dry cleaners avoid moisture and treat the fabric with great care, shrinking and torn comforters and blankets won’t be a problem.

Unburden Your Washing Machine

Washing machines aren’t often large enough for bedding items without taking some strain, especially on the spin cycle. A professional dry cleaner takes the stress off your washing machine so that you can avoid expensive repairs.

Save Time

Another of the benefits of dry cleaning blankets or comforters is skipping the time-consuming tasks of loading up the washing machine and dryer. If you have better things to do, take advantage of dry cleaners instead.

Prevent Allergies and Dust Mites

Skin allergies to regular laundry detergent can be incredibly uncomfortable. Dry cleaners skip these harsh detergents for hypoallergenic benefits across the board. It is also far superior when it comes to removing allergens, pet dander, pollen, and more.

Boost Appearance

If you aren’t already impressed, think about how much better blankets and comforters look after a dry cleaner handles them. It removes stains and makes everything look lighter, fluffier, and brighter. Without the sun exposure of a regular washing routine, dry cleaning can also prevent fading to protect the color of your favorite pieces.

Clean Your Blankets and Comforters More

Do you use your bedding daily? Take it to a dry cleaner once a week. If you rarely use a blanket or comforter, once every few months should be sufficient.

Make The Benefits of Dry Cleaning Blankets Yours With Wichita’s Professional Dry Cleaning Service!

The benefits of dry cleaning blankets and bedding are hard to ignore. Call Elite Cleaners at (316) 651-5997 to schedule a well-deserved service for your bedding today!

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