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How To Keep Black Clothing From Fading

Keep your clothes looking as good as possible.

Your wardrobe is one of the many ways you express yourself and put your best foot forward, so of course you want your clothes to look as good as possible! When washing black clothing, you need to follow certain steps to keep your darks dark so your clothes look fresh and new. In this guide, you’ll learn some great tips for how to keep black clothes from fading.

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Four Tips to Prevent Fading in Black Clothing

Black is a wardrobe staple. Whether it’s a “little black dress” or black dress pants, most people have several pieces of black clothing in their closets.

The only downside to black clothing is its tendency to fade. Darker dyes break down faster over time, so the more you wear and wash your black clothing, the more its rich color diminishes. 

Fortunately, these four black garment care tips help prevent clothing from fading too fast.

#1: Wash Less Often

Since clothing dye fades with every wash, one of the best clothing color retention tips is washing dark clothes less often. For black jeans, try limiting washing your black clothing — clean it after every ten uses unless it’s very dirty. 

When wash day comes around, keep abrasive fabrics out of the cycle with your black clothing. Materials like denim rub against black fabric, breaking down the dye faster.

#2: Use Gentle Detergents and Cold Water

Two of the best laundry practices for color protection are using gentle detergents and cold water. Harsh chemical cleansing products break down dyes much faster than gentle detergents do.

Warm water has a similar effect, causing black clothes to fade much faster. For this reason, our clothing experts at Elite Cleaners recommend using the coldest temperature setting possible to prevent fading in dark clothes.

#3: Ditch the Dryer

Are you wondering how to keep black clothes from fading during the drying process? Ditching the dryer and air-drying your black clothes is better for fabric color preservation. The heat from your dryer damages the fibers in black clothing and causes rapid fading.

#4: Consider the Materials

Clothing materials are all unique and break down at different rates. This is especially true for polyester, which requires special care. When washing polyester clothing, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use hand washing whenever possible
  • Wash on shorter cycles with cold water
  • Reduce friction by using liquid detergent instead of powder
  • Wash like textiles together 

Polyester, in particular, releases microfibers into the water during the wash process. This causes increased fading and presents environmental hazards. Following these tips for preventing fading in dark clothes reduces microfiber shedding and keeps your black polyester garments bright.

Keep Black Clothing Fresh With Elite Cleaners

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