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A Quick Guide to Common Clothing Alteration Terms

A Quick Guide to Common Clothing Alteration Terms

Tailoring your clothes is a great idea to get a great custom fit on your dress clothes. However, you might be a bit lost in the process if you don’t know the right tailor talk, so to speak. With that in mind, the team at Elite Cleaners is here with this quick guide on what clothing alteration terms you should know to fit your clothes. Reach out today for the best Wichita alteration services.

Bring Up

The term bring up means to shorten the length of the garment, whether it’s jacket sleeves or pant legs. Your jacket sleeve length should sit about a quarter inch above your dress shirt cuff, while suit leg length depends on your desired break. Shirt cuffs should reach just to the base of your thumb when your arms are flat down by your side.


A break is a crease in your pants above the top of each shoe. A full break has a noticeable fold and is a more traditional style for pants with longer legs. Medium break pants have a smaller fold near the end of the leg, while no break un-cuffed pants don’t touch the top of the shoe.


Hems are the edges of woven fabric and stop the custom suit from unraveling. Generally speaking, suit pants don’t have hems when you buy them, so you can adjust the trouser legs length depending on your needs. Tailors get the desired hem circumference by folding and sewing the outer fabric to create a cuff.


An inseam is the stitched line on each inner pant leg. Raising the pants inseam can give the pants a more defined shape and make them less baggy. Lowering the inseam can give you more room if the pants feel too tight.


Overweaving and reweaving are two clothing alteration terms that refer to methods to repair holes in your coat jacket, pants, or shirts. Overweaving involves extra fabric from other parts of the suit to close holes with a nearly invisible seam. Reweaving involves literally weaving individual threads into the original cloth with only a needle.


The scye is the suit jacket opening where the arm goes. Scye measurements start at the base of the neck and extend to the base of the armpit.


The rise refers to the difference between the inseams and outseams of your pants. Generally speaking, shorter people want a higher rise on most suit trousers because it can make them look taller.


Tapering means narrowing the suit, whether it’s a jacket waist or hip measurement. Tapering provides a more narrow shape for the jacket’s waist, tailored specifically to your body shape, unlike off-the-rack suits.


Vents are the flaps in the back of suits that provide additional flexibility. Single vents are common on American-style suits, while double vents are more common on suits with European-style tailoring.

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