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Elite Cleaners is proud to be the most trusted wash and fold pick-up service in all the areas we serve across Kansas. Our cleaners have decades of combined experience providing high-quality textile sanitation with state-of-the-art facilities for on-time washing, pick-up, and delivery.


Offering a Complete Range of Cleaning, Pick-up, and Delivery Services

Elite Cleaners is the number one dry cleaning and delivery service in Wichita. Dry cleaning preserves sensitive fabrics while sanitizing and restoring them to brand-new condition. 

Most technicians and homemakers recommend dry cleaning for materials like acrylic, cashmere, pleated fabrics, neckties, and blazers.

Our cleaners use high-quality and eco-friendly materials to clean clothes for busy households and businesses. Hiring experienced professionals for general laundry will ensure higher-quality sanitation, low per-kilogram rates, and 100% stain removal.

Elite Cleaners has more than 20 years of professional experience breathing new life into clothes, rugs, and textile accessories that have sustained damage from mold spores, flooding, smoke, and fires. Our highly trained textile conservators can work with curtains, linens, handbags, shoes, leather accessories, and luggage.

Off-the-rack clothing will not always fit you well, and hiring a tailor for a brand-new suit can cost a fortune. Our alteration crew at Elite Cleaners can make alterations to your casual, formal, and athletic clothing that will flatter your features and fit your body type.

Elite Cleaning can sanitize their wool, needlefelt, and custom carpets without reducing their colors and softness. We use state-of-the-art low-moisture equipment to eliminate dust mites and bacteria while minimizing the risk of mold formation while your carpet is in a laundry bag or neatly folded in a storage cubby.

Leather furniture and clothing will collect dust, dirt, debris, and odors after a while. Our leather cleaners will remove all traces of spills, fungus, and chemical stains on leather materials with non-toxic solutions that will not harm your pets or children after drying.

Flax and cotton fibers require different sanitation techniques to preserve their texture and dye colors. Our expertise allows us to clean linen tablecloths, duvets, beach towels, and chair covers with 100% customer satisfaction.

Ironing is labor-intensive and time-consuming, so we use industrial equipment that produces the correct temperatures and moisture levels to straighten your clothes while keeping them breathable and soft.

Whether you are looking for a wash-and-fold laundry service to clean priceless wedding gowns and heirlooms or a reliable contractor to pick up, clean, and deliver your clothes for commercial purposes, such as executive uniforms and cosplay costumes, we are the service to call.


Cost-Efficient and High-Quality Wash-and-Fold Pick up Service

We save Wichita residents and business owners hundreds of productive hours by picking up and delivering their clothes instead of having them sit in traffic driving to a laundromat or wash their clothes themselves. 

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Contact the number one wash-and-fold pick-up service in Wichita by calling Elite Cleaners at (316) 651-5997 and receiving a free consultation.

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